Signs For Schools & Colleges

We can produce a huge range of pop-up and roll-up banner systems

Many types of directional signs which can be adapted to fit your corporate theme

Health & Safety signs – produced to suit location and budget

All signs produced and fitted for anti-tampering

Flexible and competitive sign fitting service available

We have supplied lots of different types of school signs – from simple directional signs, to built-up lettering projects. We’ve helped Children’s Centres with their Surestart rebranding and produced signs for an entire campus.

Here are just a few school signage ideas to use around campus:

Directional Signs – can be made from single colour or printed vinyls and applied to many rigid substrate materials including Foamex, DiBond and acrylics. All can have an anti-graffiti laminate applied.

Banners – always a favourite for promotions around campus or to the visiting public, banners are made from a tough hard wearing material and can be printed on using UV-stabilised inks or have cut vinyl applied. They can be fixed horizontally or vertically for indoor or outdoor use.

Built-up lettering – adds an extra touch of quality to your school’s namebrand, can be made from stainless steel or acrylics and optionally backlit for extra effect.

Pop-ups and Banner-ups – are special sign systems that are quick to construct and take down, they can be easily moved around campus and used for public promotions or for informing students and staff about upcoming events. We have access to a wide range of pop-up and banner-up systems to suit your applications and budget.