• Autocarved Corian sign

Foamex Signs and DiBond Signage

We can cut most solid substrates such as Foamex, DiBond, Corian and many types of wood

Engraving options available – v-cut, flat or radiused carving

Flat-cut lettering from many font types, up to 40mm thick

Complex shaped panel designs can be cut, up to 3m x 2m in size

We cut and engrave a range of rigid substrates including Foamex, DiBond, Corian and wood. By cutting and combining different materials many types of signs signs can be produced such as, built-up lettering, shields, plaques and ceremonial awards.

Foamex signs are made from a lightweight, flexible material often used for flat-cut lettering, and is a good solution for point-of-sale signage.

Corian signs come in many colours, it has a similar finish to marble and can be used for attractive plaques or interior design finishing.

Wood can be v-cut carved for use in panelling, to compliment interior furniture designs.

Complex shapes can be cut out of most types of materials in single or multiple quantities and if required, prints and self-adhesive vinyls can be applied.