A guide to removing vinyl graphics

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There are a variety of techniques, tools and industry secrets that can remove vinyl graphics and make it less of a chore.

A business can also save a lot of time and money by avoiding some common stripping myths.

There are a few myths that need to be dispelled about stripping vinyl graphics. It is a trial and error process, especially for those that have been sun-baked onto a vehicle for many years.

However, most sign-makers agree that some trials can become a costly error, which is why there is no rule of thumb when quoting a removal price.

Another approach people tend to take is ripping it off as if it were a plaster. Vinyl is made to remain on the side of a vehicle for at least a year and the quick strip method may snap the vinyl into smaller pieces that will then need to be removed piece by piece. In order to get the graphics off with as little effort as possible, the best strategy would be peeling it away from the vehicle slowly. It is important to note that when peeling, your hands should be reaching in closely as the further away your hands are from the work, the more likely it is that it will snap.

Vinyl Graphics look great on vehicles

Vinyl Graphics look great on vehicles

Avoid using an abrasive solution to remove the vinyl as this could quickly damage the paint on the vehicle.

The best practices for stripping vehicle graphics comes down to heat and pulling. Once you have access to the corner of the graphic, you can use a heat gun or a hair dryer to remove the vinyl. Note that the hotter the heat, the higher the possibility of causing damage to a vehicle. A good tool for removing vinyl is something called the ‘little chiseler’ as it makes vinyl stripping much easier.

After you have removed the vinyl, you can then put your effort into applying a new vinyl graphic, but before you do, ensure the surface of the vehicle is completely clean.

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