Artwork Guidelines for your Project

We are always pleased to accept your artwork in electronic format. It is important, however, that data be sent in a recognisable format, depending on signage requirements. Please read the following checklist and guidelines detailed below which will help you achieve this.

We have a more extensive guide available to download here (you’ll need Adobe Reader to view).

Adobe InDesign – Version CC (Creative Cloud) or below

Adobe Illustrator – Version CC (Creative Cloud) or below

Adobe Photoshop – Version CC (Creative Cloud) or below

Note: If you do not possess any of the above, save it as a PDF

Artwork Checklist

  • Outline Fonts
  • Always allow a minimum of 5mm bleed
  • If possible, use Pantone Spot Colours for more accurate colour matches
  • Use Vectored Paths for your cutlines and save them separately
  • Minimum of 288ppi at a quarter scale for bitmap images


  • To achieve a target output resolution of at least 72ppi any bitmap images will need to have sufficient resolution in them if you’re working to a smaller scale. So, for example, you’re working at 25%, all image resolutions will need to be 288ppi.
  • Outline your fonts whenever you can, if it is going to be put through our iCut system, or is going to be cut vinyl it is absolutely imperative that they are outlined.
  • Make sure any extra channels created in Photoshop are removed prior to saving for output.
  • If you are creating artwork that is going to be cut vinyl, it has to be in the form of vectorised data, not bitmap data (see the section entitled Bitmap and Vector Graphics). Placing a bitmap into your DTP package and saving it as an EPS is not suitable as we would then have to convert it ourselves in order to cut it. This places additional unplanned production times and costs on the job which may not have been previously agreed. We are happy to convert any bitmapped data for vinyl cutting provided it is arranged beforehand and the bitmaps are of sufficient resolution.
  • Try to use Pantone spot colours when creating your artwork, keep the names assigned to them by the software you are using and do not convert them to CMYK, this will enable us to output colour in your artwork as accurately as possible.
  • For banner artwork add 10mm extra bleed onto the finished size and allow for a 50mm ‘safe area’ inset from the edges which you will need to keep ‘stand-out’ design elements such as text away from.
  • With artwork for Banner Roll-ups allow an additional bleed of 200mm at the bottom so it can roll into the cassette.